Suicide: A Sister’s Perspective

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My name is Geneva George. I would be so honored to speak openly and candidly about suicide, to bring an awareness that may prevent a suicidal individual from giving in to despair. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary situation.

My brother committed suicide two years ago. It seemed to him to be his only option — his way of sparing our mother, father and me any more grief. We were blind to his suicidal behaviors and tendencies that now seem so clear; that blindness caused me to become thoroughly educated on how to act as a lost person’s advocate — how to intercede, how to use statements and questions that have proven time after time to be the safe and effective way to diffuse the erratic thoughts and the irrevocable decision of someone thinking of suicide.

Such a person feels like he is drowning in sadness and despair. His state of mind is irrational, but it feels very sensible. No one can even remotely understand how he feels without actually experiencing that same clouded thought process, loneliness, and lack of self-worth — feeling unwanted and unloved by others.

My life has no real purpose if I do not educate as much of the world as possible on the signs, behaviors and coping mechanisms that alert us to a serious problem. Unless I do, I feel as if my brother’s death would be in vain. Please help me bring suicide as a leading cause of death to a complete end. Suicide kills more of our war veterans than combat itself.

PTSD is a serious condition like no other, yet it is not taken seriously. My mission is to make my worst nightmare the driving force to save someone’s life, or at least equip family members with life-saving measures to avoid the heartbreaking, almost unbearable question that haunts the minds of the families of suicide victims.

My brother did not know I loved him because I noticed nothing.

Geneva George is an interior designer and author who lives in the Houston, Texas area.

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