HARC: Valley vets have higher rates of major illnesses

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Victoria Pelham, The Desert Sun 8:17 a.m. PDT March 9, 2015 Coachella Valley veterans, mingling at the American Legion meeting site on a weekday afternoon, proudly tout their branch of military service in caps and off-the-cuff comments and say they would serve their country all over again if they could. They have fought and kept watch all over the world, … Read More

The Attack on Disability Compensation Continues

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First, it was two VA psychologists who had a secret web site that claimed that many veterans and active duty soldiers were either lying or exaggerating about their PTSD and TBI symptoms, and that they were malingerers. They also posited that the reasonable doubt rule should be eliminated, essentially implying that any doubt should be resolved against the veteran. Now, … Read More

Medically Retired Soldiers with Less than 20 Years of Service Are Getting Screwed Out of Their Retirement Pay

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If you do 20 years and retire, either normally or for medical reasons, you are eligible for either Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC), or Concurrent Receipt of Disability Pay (CRDP), once you receive VA disability compensation. Usually, unless all of the disabilities are combat-related, retirees take CRDP. If you get CRSC, you get two checks from the Defense Finance and … Read More

Millions of Veterans Are Being Cheated!

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As it stands now, the Army Combat Action Badge (CAB) is not retroactively awarded to December 7, 1941, as every other combat badge has been.This is an issue affecting millions of veterans. I have been working on this since about 2009, when the Senate first screwed us on this. The House unanimously approves the retroactive award and then the Senate, … Read More