Sixty thousand homeless. Millions denied the care to which they’re entitled. Disability and pension claims so backlogged that soldiers returning from current conflicts are ending up on the streets. Among veterans who served after 9/11, the unemployment rate is 18% higher than the non-veteran population. Every day, approximately 22 veterans and 27 active duty soldiers commit suicide. That’s more than 8,000 veterans and soldiers killing themselves annually. The National Veterans Rights Association (NVRA) is dedicated to helping our forgotten heroes by offering them the assistance and guidance they need to achieve a better life.

If that were the NVRA’s sole mission, it would be lost in the sea of similar organizations. In addition to providing veterans with uniquely effective systems to get the help and benefits they deserve, the NVRA is shining the light of truth on the reasons behind the sad state of veterans affairs.

To that end we are producing a one-of-a-kind documentary, which will take the viewer inside the hearts and minds of these veterans, who put their lives on the line for the country they love. The untold story will rivet the audience, disclosing the mistreatment of veterans and how they fight for their compensation and healthcare rights to create a life worth living without becoming a suicide statistic. We’ll delve deep into the roots, and boldly show the cause of veteran despair from misdiagnoses, misconceptions, homelessness, suicide and benefit abuse. Along our journey we will meet some organizations like ourselves that have taken matters into their own hands to overcome adversity and bring hope and justice into the lives of veterans by assisting them in their quest for a better life.


Our Leadership

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Stuart Steinberg, JD, LLM

Jerry Morter
Chief Operating Officer

Gary Sater
Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Randall Davis
Nutriceutical Medical Adviser

Theodor Pardo
Executive Adviser

Preston Brawn
Executive Adviser

John Everding

Oscar Bucher
Executive Adviser

Todd Lezon, JD, LLM
Of Counsel

Jay Mitchell
Executive Adviser

J.E. Van Tilborg
Administrative Support

Laura Doherty
Production Consultant

John Anthony DeCaprio
Community Liaison