They Fought for Us. Now We Fight for Them.

Veterans from every era, every conflict, face terrible barriers to the care and respect they deserve

Veterans in the
United States
Veteran/Active Duty Suicides Annually
Homeless Veterans Nationwide


News: Stu Steinberg Up For the CNN Hero Award

NVRA Chairman Stuart A. Steinberg, who has championed veterans rights tirelessly and selflessly for decades, has been nominated as a 2015 CNN Hero. READ THE NOMINATION | VISIT THE CNN WEBSITE

From the Front Line

The latest in the ongoing battle for veterans rights

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Serving the Deserving

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We lose 22 veterans to suicide every day. There are 23 million veterans in our great country and a large percentage of them currently do not receive the medical care and monetary compensation they so rightfully deserve. Today, there are 60,000 homeless veterans in our country and this number is rising quickly as more service members come home from war.


The Paper

Paper Chase

Imagine filling out three pages of paperwork to try and get medical care, or 12 pages of paperwork to get disability compensation benefits. You wouldn’t like doing it, but you would anyway. Now imagine that you have a brain injury that prevents you from paying attention, or focusing. And you are too frustrated or too proud to get help getting past page two.


We Help

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The NVRA helps our veterans with how-to videos; claims assistance; help establishing new veterans programs; and referrals for financial, housing and employment assistance. But the project of which we’re the most proud is a one-of-a-kind documentary, which will take the viewer inside the hearts and minds of these veterans who put their lives on the line for the country they love.


How You
Can Help

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Our objective: to continue and expand our assistance to these deserving Americans … and to complete an important documentary that will, for the first time, tell the truth about the way veterans are treated in America today. But to continue to expand our services, we need your help – either in the form of your service or a monetary donation. We appreciate your time and your generous gift!


The Documentary Project

Interviews from our full-length feature